Monday, September 26, 2011

Confirmation Email

Expo and Packet Pickup

All marathon participants must pick up their packets at the expo. The expo is being held at the Kern Center in downtown Milwaukee (1245 N Broadway) on Friday, September 30, from 4-7 p.m. and Saturday, October 1, from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. There is NO race day packet pickup.

Runner packets will be in alphabetical order. Make sure that the packet you pick up is your packet. Double check the city, state and division on the label on the packet. You can also pass the chip over the scanner at "Chip Check" to make sure that you were given the correct chip.

Everyone must provide a photo ID to pick up their packet. If you can't pick up your packet, we allow you to have someone else pick it up for you. You must fill out a Packet Pickup Authorization form . The form requires a copy of your phote ID or driver's license as well as your race number. The individual picking up the packet must bring the authorization form to the expo and show their photo ID also. They should bring a copy of their own photo ID.

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Race Results

We decided that sending out race results to every individual was not necessary. Instead, you will have more options this year for getting your race results. You, your friends and relatives can sign up to receive updates on your progress thru Facebook and email. I'll put directions on the front page of the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon web site sometime next week. (Sept 19-24)

When you finish the race, you will be able to walk over to the scoring tent from inside the runner's area and have your individual preliminary race results printed immediately. Look at the finish area map to see where the results will be. For spectators, the race results will be printed and posted on the results board near the awards area.

Finally, you will be able to see the results online at OnlineRaceResults. The results booklet that was previously sent out will be posted in PDF format on our web site a week or two after the race.

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Web Links to the Marathon Web Site

In case you have't found some very important items on our web site, here are links to some of them.

1. 2011 Runner's Guide
2. Directions to free runner parking
3. The Spectator's Guide
4. Full course map (5 pages)
5. Pace Team FAQ
6. Pasta Dinner Buffet
7. Weekend Guide (NEW)
8. 2011 Kid's Run
9. Runner Stories
10. The Jennipede (Guiness World Record Attempt)

First make sure that you read the runner's guide. Then check the Lakefront Marathon web site. If you still have questions, there will be volunteers wearing red hats at the expo, start area and finish line to help you.

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I Won't Be Able to Run

We do know that some of you have had changes in plans or are (unfortunately) injured and will not be able to run the race. PLEASE, please remember that we do not refund your entry, allow you to transfer it to another runner, or allow you to defer it to 2012. We really mean this so please do not ask. We know that some of you will not run so take that into consideration in setting our entry limit.

IF we allowed transfers, etc. we'd just have to lower our entry limit. You may still pick up your packet at the expo. Please leave the chip at chip check if you aren't going to run. We can use your help as a volunteer, if you will be in the Milwaukee area race weekend.

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