Sunday, March 15, 2009


We need to let everyone know that the LFM relay sold out on March 14th. No on-line entries were accepted after we reached our limit. To be fair to those who mail their entries, we will accept all entries post-marked on the March 14 closing date. We do appreciate the support of all of those who have registered and hope that those who did not get in will put us on their 2010 calendar - October 3, 2010.

The marathon is about 25% full. If you are on the fence, you still do have time to decide on your plans for 2009. Note that we do post the number of registrations on our web site so that you can have an idea as to the entry totals at any given day. That said, you do need to realize that those last 500 spots go VERY quickly - people on the fence making their decision - so be careful when registrations get to that point.

We so appreciate the support that our runners show for LFM every year. We hope that you will be happy with your choice to run our race in 2009.

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Lupe Gallardo of Grayslake, Illinois said...

I just signed up...I'm excited about doing my first LFM.

I came across this feedback:

"The course was not what I thought it would be. You have the whole road to yourself the first couple miles (which is great). After that you were running on the shoulder of the road with the roads open to traffic, so you had about four feet to run in without having to go out into the traffic to pass. Then when you got into the residential areas, you had to battle with cars turning into the course and look over your shoulder making sure there were no cars coming to take some of the turns. Then when you finally get to see the lake (around mile 23) you're running on the open lake front path, dodging walkers and bikers. Once you get to mile 25, there was a dirt path with some rocks and metal sticking out for about a half mile. Didn't feel good on the feet."

Will the course change this year? Anything different to keep the roads and paths clear for the runners?